Review Policy

Before requesting a book review, please read the policy entirely.

This policy can be updated at any time.

To Be Read Shelf only reviews Romance and Cozy Mystery novels at this time. Any requests for reviews outside the aforementioned genres will be declined. 

To Be Read Shelf does not guarantee a publicly posted review to any book submitted. As a book blogger I want the focus of this blog to be about books I would recommend. If I cannot give a book 3 stars or more, I will not post the review on this blog or any social media platform where books are discussed. I can provide a detailed review to the author privately. Books submitted through NetGalley is the only exception. Every book I accept through NetGalley I will post my review on the website. 

Send all book review requests to In the subject line of your request put Romance or Cozy Mystery. Send a brief synopsis, cover (if available) blurb and information about the author. If the request is accepted, further instructions will be provided. Any request with the completed novel attached to the email will be declined. Check out the ARC page for all the formats I accept for review copies.

At the moment To Be Read Shelf can only provide Beta reading services to Independent small publishers and Traditional publishers. 

Books submitted must be fully edited, the version closest to release is best. Books with excessive errors will not be finished.

To Be Read Shelf reviews standalone books. If your book is a part of an ongoing series each book must be able to be read on its own. An exception will be made for novellas.

To Be Read Shelf reserves the right decline any request for a review. Even if the author had previous work accepted for review.

Thank you for selecting me to read your work. I look forward to reading all the wonderful books you send my way.

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