Audible Escape Review: Dinner at Sam’s by DL White

Author: DL White

Narrated by Sharell Palmer

Length : 8 hrs and 2 mins

Unabridged Audio book

Price: Free with Audible Escape subscription/$19.95 without

Release Date: February 8th, 2018

Publisher: Books by DL White

Rating: five out of five stars

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dinner at Sam’s by DL White is a sequel to Brunch at Ruby’s. Brunch at Ruby’s is also participating in Audible Escape and it’s free to listen to with the subscription. This was my first book from the author and after seeing the beautiful cover I decided to listen.

Dinner at Sam’s is a moderately paced romance with lots of steam and passion. It follows the courtship of attorney Gibson Kincaid and his client Vanessa Jackson. Gibson is an attorney from a prestigious family and Vanessa is real estate agent and single mother trying to make ends meet. Vanessa and Gibson met by chance but as he works on her divorce case a romance blossoms. Vanessa is a beautiful woman with a secret and Gibson is trying to make a difference in the world. The opening chapters gives you a chance to know each character individually. I enjoyed getting to know Vanessa and Gibson, I saw how they interacted with family and the obstacles that prevented them from living a fulfilled life. I enjoyed the flirtation between Vanessa and Gibson, even though they were instantly attracted to each other they got to know each other and the first kiss was worth the wait.

This is not an insta-love story, this is a book with fleshed out characters that fell for each other in a reasonable time period. I loved that the story resolved everything, it gave Gibson the resolution he deserved outside of his relationship with Vanessa.

Dinner at Sam’s was an enjoyable listening experience. The narrator Sharell Palmer’s voice was soothing and she read very eloquently. Ms Palmer’s ability to embody all the characters was impressive and that contributed to the overall great listening experience.

I loved listening to this book and I will be looking forward to listening to more books from this author.

Check out Brunch at Ruby’s. I didn’t listen in order and you can start from the first book.

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