Book WishList

Book Wishlist

Thank you for visiting my Book Blog. Before I post my first review, I wanted to put into the book universe the kind of books I wanted to read. This Wishlist is not your average list of books I would like to read from Authors I love. This is a list of ideas of books I wish existed. If you’re a writer and you come across this blog and you get inspiration from reading this post all I ask is I get a spot in your acknowledgements or maybe I should get your first born. Whichever comes first (I’m joking). I don’t require anything I love sharing my thoughts and I believe if I put this post into the world maybe just maybe I will get to read a book I wished for.

To Be Read Shelf Wishlist

  • Genre Bending Futuristic Utopian Society with diverse characters: I would love to see a romance with a main character from the future with a robotic arm or leg. I want to see enhanced cities, fresh technologies and swoon worthy romance.
  • Paranormal Romance with a creature not widely used: I love shifter and vampire romance from Twilight to Suzanne Wright’s shifter romance series. I heart them all, but I am ready for more. I really wish someone would take two creatures and make it something unique. I am interested in learning about their society, how they love, how they fight and what they honor or serve. I need diverse characters not just diverse in race but in culture. Examples are Octavia Butler Wild Seed or J.T Geissinger Night Prowler series to name a few.
  • I need more small towns, beach reads, summer camp romances and outer space cozy mystery: I want to solve mysteries, fall in love and learn something new when I pick up a new read.

I could go on and on about books that I would like to read but I won’t. As I evolve as a Book Blogger, I hope my desires and what I want in books evolves as well. Just a month ago I only read Romance now I enjoy Cozy Mysteries, particularly paranormal cozies in quiet towns with tons of mischief.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will return to read my very first review. I have six new books in my NetGalley shelf and ten with Kindle Unlimited.

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My name is Latoya Fife and I blog about the books that I love. I read and listen to Cozy Mysteries, Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal and Erotic romance books.

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